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March 27 2016


Why Puppies Hump - The best way to Stop a Puppy From Humping and Biting Your Leg

why do dogs hump
It's extremely embarrassing whenever your puppy begins madly humping people's legs, you, other animals at your residence, and simply about everything else that incites your puppy into humping. Have you ever wondered why your dog really wants to hump things like a couch cushion or possibly a plush toy? For your benefit, this short article explains why puppies hump and provides you with practical information on the way to teach your pup to prevent humping and biting your leg.

why do dogs hump people
o A puppy is becoming a youngster as they say, with surging sexual hormones, which then causes your pup to need to mimic adult dog mating behavior. Admonish your pup sharply to halt his humping and biting the moment he begins.

o Neutering your puppy at six-months old enough or perhaps the age your pets veterinarian recommends, can stop a problem with humping from ever developing in the first place with very few exceptions.

o Puppies humping behavior may not be sexual naturally. A puppy desperate to assert his dominance over those he considers his subordinates will also hump and bite. Reassert yourself as the dominate member of your pack family with command as well as other training along with teaching your puppy to avoid humping and biting in so doing. An excellent trick to test is always to use a noisemaker or small handheld alarm which you activate to create noise to startle your pup enough that he will no longer need to hump or bite your leg.

o Engaging your pup inside a fun activity like fetching a toy the moment he shows a desire for humping your leg can stop him from humping and biting. It's very easy to draw a puppy's attention away from negative behaviors and direct him towards acceptable behaviors. Get it done before bad behaviors become permanent habits for the puppy.

An overly anxious puppy may react by humping and biting your leg. Fitting in with help your puppy to relax will help stop this unwanted behavior.

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